Laid to rest

Robert Paul Fuller
Son of Paul and Pearl Fuller of Arthur City, Texas and husband of Martha Alice Mace Fuller of Moberly, Mo.
We bring you
Robert, a hard working man, loved his family and friends. A smile that was hard to ignore. A thirst for adventure and travel, Robert's life led him to all corners of our grand country. Meeting Martha and marrying her in 1986 brought stability to his life. He was a loving husband and wonderful father to Loretta and Lance. Brothers Ronald, Raymond and Rodney remember growing up in McKean, Pa and the closeness they had as a family. His sisters Ruthie and Renee remember their older brother as the protective type.
Now he joins sister Roberta and grandparents Perry and Celia in God's kingdom, his time on earth is done. We will miss him but knowing that each of us have been touched by him in one way or another. Robert's gifts were plentiful and his rewards will be great



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 In Appreciation of our loved ones.







Photo sent in by Renee taken May 16th
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Diane, Perry, Bryan, Tonia and Ronnie

Memorial Services
May 17, 2000
Moberly, Missouri
Officiating - Dr. Alan Weaver